Jordan Bratton “Prisoner”

I highly recommend listening to his entire Youth EP.  Again and again. And again. Sooo good.


Daughter “Youth”

This song came up on shuffle on my iPod last week. I knew I had the song on there, just never really listened to it (if you know what I mean). But when I really gave it a good listen, I realized how gorgeous it is. And the lyrics are beautiful/relatable. 

Zedd ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Acoustic version)

What do you get when you combine one of the hottest EDM acts right now, an exceptional pop artist from the UK and a piano? Perfection.

I’ve been a fan of Foxes for a while now since discovering her fabulously flawless anthem “Youth”, so I was eager to check out this collaboration. You can listen to the original track here. It’s totally brilliant but I’m a sucker for acoustic piano songs. Someone please tell me where I can download this immediately!

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