My Year in Music According to Spotify: 2018

Another year, another music wrap-up from Spotify. Without further ado, my streaming trends for 2018:

Minutes listened: 19,893

This was 50% more than last year, which is insane. I spent 8 hours alone listening to my number 1 artist once again, *NSYNC! (as the saying goes, you can take the girl out of the 90’s but….)

My other top artists included: John Mayer, Twin Shadow, Years & Years, Charli XCX

Top song: I pride myself in keeping up with music and listening to a variety of different genres. However, at the end of the day, I listen to what makes me happy and I guess you couldn’t call my music tastes exactly “cool.” And with that, I’m proud to announce that my top streamed song of 2018 was…drum roll please…Epic Goofy Medley by Peter Hollens!!!

My other top songs included: Tearin’ Up My Heart (*NSYNC), The Motown Song (Rod Stewart), Miss You (Cashmere Cat), and I Was Made For Loving You (Tori Kelly f/ Ed Sheeran)

Top genres: Pop (no surprise there!), Indie (really?), Rock, Dance and R&B (again, really?)

Top sub-genre: Dance Pop (ala Dua Lipa)

Fun fact that Spotify thought I needed to know!?!… I listen to more music by artists who are Libra’s (John Mayer, Hugh Jackman) than anyone else. Yay?

Oh Spotify!

They also kindly put together a list of My Top Songs of 2018, which I’ve included here for your listening pleasure.

Happy Holidays all!




Listen 2

Here’s some new tunes I came across this past week that I recommend checking out.

A very different sound from the lads of Kodaline. It’s more pop-leaning, instead of their usual rock sound. I’m partial to the rock, but I still like this.

Olly Alexander has one of the sexiest voices out there today.

Some Latin flair from the vocal genius.

I wish I was strong enough to say these words to a few people in my life.

Slowing things down a bit with this lovely, reflective track by England’s Lucy Rose.

A fun, upbeat, rock jam from the English singer-songwriter.


The Songs I’d Spin If I Were A Radio Programmer Today

I gotta tell it like it is, I’ve been completely uninspired by what’s on FM radio these days. And having worked for a major radio company in the past, am still baffled by how many solid songs and artists continue to get ignored. Although, I was pleasantly surprised to here Alessia Cara’s “Here” on NYC’s Z100 the other day. So props for that one thing…

Anyways, we all know that radio programmers play far too much of the same songs to the point of exhaustion. So in that regard I guess it’s OK that some of the best emerging artists and songs never “make it” to the airwaves. I mean, I really have no desire to get sick of the songs I enjoy. BUT at the end of the day, as a music industry professional and even as a general music fan, I still often find myself wondering why certain songs and artists get played and others don’t.

When I worked for that major radio company I mentioned at the top, I had the amazing opportunity to take part in the programming of a digital radio station for brand new, emerging (and even unsigned!) musicians. It was one of the highlights of my career to date. I got to thinking on my way into work one morning last week, what songs I’d like to spin (in moderation) if I had my own radio station. Here’s the songs I’ve come up with and who my audience would be for each:

The 1975 “The City” – Excuse my french, but how the fuck has this song not been spun even once on a major NYC radio station? For those who enjoy euphoric anthems.

Banks “Beggin For Thread” – For those who enjoy off-center, dark pop that’s catchy as hell.

Klingande “Jubel” – For those who enjoy life, basically. And sick beats.

Lana Del Rey “National Anthem” – Underrated jam. For those who enjoy the underdog.

Lilla Salskapet “Om vingarna bar” – For those who can enjoy the music even though they don’t have a clue what the song is about.

LIZ “XTC” – For those who liked 1998 because this one could’ve come out that year.

M83 “Midnight City” – I know people know this song but I don’t think they’ve heard it enough. For those who prefer the nighttime.

Mas Ysa “Margarita” – For those who enjoy perfection because this song is close to it. Oh and sax solo’s because perfection always involves a sax solo I don’t care what anyone says.

Tobias Jesso Jr. “How Could You Babe” – For those who enjoy a solid throwback sound and don’t mind slowing things down for just under 4 minutes.

Twin Shadow “Old Love/New Love” – For those who enjoy dancing even when they are sober.

Until The Ribbon Breaks “Revolution Indifference” f/ Run The Jewels – For those who enjoy putting their music up to 11 (yes, that’s a Spinal Tap reference).

Years & Years “Take Shelter” – For those who enjoy traveling because this trio is from the UK, where the music is way ahead of our time.

Years & Years “Without”


Olly Alexander’s voice is one of the sexiest things going on right now in music land. This trio deserves every bit of accolade they have gotten so far and then some. “Without” is sonically as smooth-as-butter yet lyrically cuts you like a knife. Somethings tells me Olly & Co. will be around for, yep, years and years.

Years & Years “Eyes Shut”

I’ve been a fan of this trio since “discovering” them on SoundCloud a year or so ago. This song is fabulous as is most of what they release (let’s be real).

From one music lover to another, you must must MUST check them out!

Ashes Artists To Watch Out For in 2015

If I were a betting woman, I’d bet on these artists to kick some serious ass in the music arena next year. 


James Bay: The Folk-Pop Wonder

The gist: James Bay makes beautifully crafted folk songs with pop appeal. Throw in impressive vocals, a phenomenal fashion sense and a whole lotta soul, and you’ve got the ingredients for next year’s breakout star. 

Standout song: “Let It Go"

For those who like: Ed Sheeran. Soft, guitar strumming. A killer hat. 


Years & Years: The Electro-Pop Pulverizers 

The gist: This wise-beyond-their-years, London trio have already generated a number of dreamy, euphoric masterpieces. Their music is in a word, hypnotic – I dare you not to get pulled in!

Standout song: "Take Shelter"

For those who like: Jungles. Colorful smoke. Making out. 


Tove Lo: The Provocative Pop Queen  

The gist: Sweden powerhouse Tove Lo is in-it-to-freaking-win-it in the new year. With the debut of her raw, gritty & intoxicating album, Queen Of The Clouds, this future pop star is ready to reign. 

Standout song: "Moments"

For those who like: Kesha’s "Tik Tok” video. Clubs. A catchy tune. 


Misterwives: The Indie-Pop Annihilators 

The gist: The only contender I’ve seen live in concert, Misterwives are a group of crazy-talented, quirky singers and musicians. Their energy shimmers and shines through their songs. Hop on their whimsical bandwagon for a guaranteed good time. 

Standout song: “Reflections"

For those who like: High school. Dancing. Emoji’s. 


Kygo: The Take-Me-To-The-Tropics Producer

The gist: Norway’s Kygo is making moves fast over here in the states and around the globe. His sultry, summer-friendly sound is the epitome of originality. Check him out and stay extra warm this winter. 

Standout song: "Firestone” f/ Conrad

For those who like: Palm trees. Poolside cocktails. Sunlight. 


Jon Bellion: The Hip-Hop Troubadour 

The gist: It may sound cliche but I’ve honestly not heard anything like the gems created by Jon Bellion. His music is distinguished – towering high above what’s out there right now. Do yourself a favor and absorb your ears in his artistic awesomeness. 

Standout song: “Human"

For those who like: Originality. Abstract art. Swagger. 


Years & Years “Take Shelter”

Can’t believe I didn’t post this sooner. Really into this band and this song in particular. Perfect accompanying video!

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