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tori kelly

Tori Kelly / Ed Sheeran “I Was Made For Loving You”

I don’t know how I missed this song when it came out last year (2016.) And I have no clue how this song was not on the radio (since pop radio usually plays every single song that Ed Sheeran is a part of) but who cares. This song is still a masterpiece. One of the best duets and songs about love in general that I’ve ever heard.


Lecrae f/ Tori Kelly “I’ll Find You”

Tori Kelly turns every song into gold.

Amy Grant f/ Tori Kelly “Baby Baby”

I’ve always loved this song and the remake is fantastic. Tori Kelly has one of the most naturally beautiful voices in the modern music scene.

Tori Kelly “It Should’ve Been Us” 

“We were crazy, but amazing”…it should’ve been us 😡

Another fantastic song from this soul pop phenom.

Tori Kelly “Nobody Love”

“…I hate you but I always stay.”

This girl’s got soul. And this song is a stunner.

Tori Kelly “Dear No One”


Cute but powerful song. Tori has a phenomenal voice.

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