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throwback thursday

Simon and Garfunkel “Blues Run the Game”

Dude. These two. Happy Throwback Thursday.


Lily Allen “Fuck You”

Basically. #tbt


Simon & Garfunkel “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy)”

A sweet, short little throwback of a song. Brilliant.


Rod Stewart “The Motown Song”

Yep. Pretty sure I could listen to this song a million times in a row and never EVER get sick of it. #throwbackgold

SWV “Weak”

Holy Throwback Thursday. You are welcome.

JoJo “How To Touch A Girl”

A solid #tbt from pop’s most underrated superstar. Love this lady and hope to hear more from her soon!

Cold Chisel “Cheap Wine”

I came across this music video the other day doing music research. I was instantly hooked by the singers INSANE voice, the song’s title, and the glorious, classic rock tune in general.

That being said, it took me a good minute or two to realize this video and song is actually from 1980. So #tbt 🙂

Melanie Martinez “Carousel”


Came across this one back around Halloween time but never got around to posting it.

Full Disclaimer: This video scares the crap out of me. But the song is freakishly fantastic.

John Mayer “I’m Gonna Find Another You” (LIVE)

One of his bests. Happy birthday Johnny Boy!

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