i do music things with my butterfly wings.



Marlene “Miss You A Little”

Another fabulous pop song from Sweden, aka the land where fabulous pop songs are made. In droves.


Tove Styrke “Baby One More Time”

(Britney Spears Cover)

Dope all around.

Tove Styrke “Number One”

My girl at it again.

Tove Styrke “Burn”

I just listened to this destined pop star’s newly-released album, Kiddo. The track “Ego” is by far the best on the album. However, this one is not far behind.

Total girl crushing on this Tove.

Tove Styrke “Number One”

She’s undeniably one of the hottest, emerging artists from Sweden right now.

Vanbot “Trooper”

Another amazing product of the sensational Sweden.

I’m not too familiar with Vanbot, but if she keeps putting out songs like this, I’m sure we all will be soon. Crazy good.

Tove Styrke “Ego”

This song is EVERYTHING.

Tove Styrke is a stunning, 22-year-old artist from the magical land of Sweden. “Ego” is her best song to date; it’s accessible enough for mainstream consumption yet fucking cool as shit. And those braids are KILLER!!!

Andreas Moe “Ocean”

This is something special. A different sound than what I normally hear coming out of Sweden. Plus a gorgeous visual accompaniment.

Erik Hassle “Somebody’s Party EP”

This is fucking incredible. The end. 

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