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Joss Stone “Free Me” – 2017

I would pay good money to learn how to sing well just so I could sing this song.

So SO beautiful.



Joss Stone “Stuck on You”

A smooth, soulful song for your Monday morning. Enjoy!

Samm Henshaw “Better”

I’ve written before that I don’t really like to compare musicians, but when you are trying to introduce new, unfamiliar music to an audience it’s something you have to do sometimes just to put it all together.

With that, Samm (with 2 m’s) Henshaw reminds me of this beautiful resurgence of soul and blues music. Other artists I’d categorize in this genre would be Leon Bridges and Tobias Jesso Jr., who are both newcomers in their own right.

This is passion.

Tori Kelly “It Should’ve Been Us” 

“We were crazy, but amazing”…it should’ve been us 😡

Another fantastic song from this soul pop phenom.

Tori Kelly “Nobody Love”

“…I hate you but I always stay.”

This girl’s got soul. And this song is a stunner.

Tobias Jesso Jr. “How Could You Babe”

Sweet throwback vibe coming off this one.

Reminds me a bit of Joe Cocker, especially in the hook when he really goes for it vocally and emotionally.

Sam Smith “Make It To Me”

Sam Smith “Make It To Me”

I can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely stunning Sam Smith’s vocals are. He is a brilliant vocalist and his songs are filled with such raw emotion. I’m a HUGE fan and 2014 is definitely going to be his year!

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