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Marc Cohn “Hold On For Me”

I just love this man’s music.


The Acoustic Current

Happy Friday!!!

I may have mentioned it somewhere on this blog before but I’ve always had a thing for musicians of the singer-songwriter variety and I’ve included a bunch of them on Ashesmusicnotes. That being said, I decided to create a separate, niche blog just for acoustic music titled, naturally, The Acoustic Current. So moving forward I’ll probably just feature the singer-songwriters on that platform unless there is a song so mind-blowing I feel the urge to post about it on both of my blogs. Just wanted that noted for future reference.


Birdy & RHODES “Let It All Go”

Sonic perfection.

Greg Holden “Hold On Tight”

Uplifting and moving, Greg Holden tugs at the emotions with this video and song. While I’m not 100% sure where I stand on the idea of karma, it’s nice to think about.

Passenger “When We Were Young”

The poignancy of life in a song.

Matt Nathanson “Gold In The Summertime”

Happy July!

Yay to summer, beaches, ocean breezes, pina coladas, flip flops, umbrella straws, sun tan lotion etc. Ya know, the good stuff. Hoping your summer days are long (in a positive way), filled with all of the above + the awesome sun-shiny, feeling encompassed by this funky jam from the always amazing Matt Nathanson.

Gavin James “The Book Of Love”

I’d like to wrap this song up in a bow like a gift that I can continue to open and keep close to me at all times.

Foy Vance “Be The Song”

Calming. Ethereal. Mesmerizing.

A pure and beautiful song.

Angus & Julia Stone “From The Stalls”

These two have an earthy, natural aesthetic that I find breath-taking.

Gorgeous video.

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