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Shura at Mercury Lounge (NYC) 7.28.15

A little bit of London came to NYC’s Lower East Side last night in the form of Shura (aka Aleksandra Denton). The singer/songwriter/producer performed for a youth-filled, sold-out crowd at the city’s beloved music venue, Mercury Lounge. Clad in a denim jacket much too heavy for the 90-degree weather, Shura (and two band members) entranced the audience with an intimate 45-minute set.

Highlights: “2Shy” is undoubtedly one of the best songs to be released in 2015 so hearing it live in all its effervescent glory was a trip. The trio also performed an unsuspecting-yet-brilliant mash-up of Fine Young Cannibal’s “She Drives Me Crazy” and Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” which made this music fan giddy. And while the music was stellar, the real star of the show was Shura’s intense hair-swaying during every instrumental break.

So basically you should see her live. And at the very least, check out her music!


Shura – Three Years

THIS …is the best fucking thing ever. So I’m going against my 2 posts a day rule that I made up because it’s total shit when you come across something this musically thrilling.

Shura > everyone else for me right now.

Mumford & Sons “2Shy” (Shura Cover)

I knew I liked these guys.

Shura “2Shy”

Completely blown away by this song.

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