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My Favorite Songs: 2017

Throughout the year, I discovered many songs across various genres and decades. Below is a list specific to 2017 – the songs I listened to on repeat, the ones that made me feel something, that made me dance, and made me cry. Happy listening and Happy New Year!!!


My Soul Food

This post was inspired by listening (crying) to Sam Smith’s most recent work of art, The Thrill Of It All. I’ll admit that I wasn’t blown away by his first single off the album, “Too Good At Goodbyes”, however I consistently find that I like non-singles better (for all artists) and this time was no different. Highlights of the album for me were: “Pray”, “Nothing Left For You”, “Scars” and “The Thrill of It All”. But the song that made me weep like a baby was the album’s final track, “One Day At A Time.” Any adjectives I write here would not do the song justice so I won’t even try to describe it. But aside from the cigarette mention in the chorus lyrics (because smokers are jokers), it’s a pretty perfect song.

ANYWAYS, I was inspired to listen to my Soul Food playlist on Spotify after hearing Sam’s album and I gotta say, sometimes you need to add a little soul to your musical diet. I often find this playlist too intense to listen to because of the emotions it forces out of me, but the music and raw talent of these artists is worth the emotional pain. Below, are some of the most lyrically touching and vocally mesmerizing songs I’ve ever heard.

Parson James “Waiting Game” – Those first few piano notes and I’m already done. Listen to this song with tissues. You’ve been warned.

Joss Stone “Free Me (2017)” – Joss’s (Joss’?) voice is one-of-a-kind.

Sam Smith “Nirvana” – My favorite song of Sam’s.

Samm Henshaw “Only Wanna Be With You (Unplugged)” – I stumbled upon this song recently and have never looked back. The epitome of a love song, this has become one of my all-time favorites.

Tobias Jesso Jr. “How Could You Babe” – Doing a complete 180 here, this is the epitome of a heartbreak song. I mean, the painfully beautiful way Tobias belts it out is so good it’s almost unfair.  Like, can you throw some of your talent my way, babe?

CeeLo Green “Fuck You” – Some may not classify this honest, to-the-point song as soul but this is my blog and I DEFINITELY do. I mean, I play this song and I’m instantly feeling better about everything. The same thing happens when I eat chocolate chip cookies… or cheese fries. Hands down one of the best songs to ever happen to pop music.

Sam Smith “Lay Me Down”

Another amazing visual by the musical genius that is Sam Smith. He’s just got it and gets it. This video is particularly tear-inducing (at least it was for me) so I recommend having some tissues near by.

Sam Smith “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

I admit …the first time I heard Sam’s angelic version of this song, I cried. Sam deserves every bit of accolade he’s received this past year… and then some.

Ashes Picks For the Best Music Videos Of 2014

After an incredible year of video-viewing, here are my 2014 favorites:


Sia “Chandelier” **top honors

At her young age, the video’s star – Maddie Ziegler – was able to pull off the story of alcoholism through dance. It was intense. Profound. Fierce. And above all, an excellent video accompaniment to the years best pop song, arguably. But yea, it is.  


Ingrid Michaelson “Afterlife”

Ingrid’s songwriting is impeccable. She delivers yet again with an astounding, uplifting song & video about being fearless and living life to the fullest. It’s a touching, tear-jerking visual. And the message is essential today and always. 


Bear’s Den “Above The Clouds Of Pompeii”

Simplistic yet heart-wrenching, this one put tears in my eyes. A true piece of visual art. 


Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud”

This is destined to be 2015’s #1 wedding song for sure. Ed Sheeran has clearly proven that he can not only kill it on the guitar, but on the dance floor as well. A perfect 10 in my opinion. 


Sam Smith “Leave Your Lover”

If you have read my blog, you already know how much I adore Sam Smith. Being a third wheel is no fun for anyone, and Sam succinctly encapsulates the heartbreak of unrequited love in this stunning video.


Sam Smith “Restart”

My favorite track off In The Lonely Hour. 

Sam Smith “How Will I Know” (Whitney Houston Cover)

Meant to post this the other day but was having tumblr issues. This brought me to tears as nearly every Sam Smith song does. He turns everything to gold. 

Sam Smith “Leave Your Lover”

Beautifully shot video. Another winner from Sam Smith!

Sam Smith “Stay With Me”

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love this amazing, talented singer-songwriter. “Stay With Me” really resonates with me but obviously from a woman’s perspective. Sam Smith has definitely done it again!

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