Dave Matthews Band “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)”

A beautiful, new song by DMB.


Listen 2

Here’s some new tunes I came across this past week that I recommend checking out.

A very different sound from the lads of Kodaline. It’s more pop-leaning, instead of their usual rock sound. I’m partial to the rock, but I still like this.

Olly Alexander has one of the sexiest voices out there today.

Some Latin flair from the vocal genius.

I wish I was strong enough to say these words to a few people in my life.

Slowing things down a bit with this lovely, reflective track by England’s Lucy Rose.

A fun, upbeat, rock jam from the English singer-songwriter.


Neon Trees “Songs I Can’t Listen To”

I like to see artists I’ve worked with in the past doing well in their careers. Neon Trees wouldn’t be able to pick me out of a lineup if their lives depended on it, but I spent some time with them a few years back when they performed at an iHeartRadio event (where I used to work). I’m talking like 5 or so years ago back when their first hit single, “Animal”, was just starting to get put in rotation.

Anyways, I used to interview artists for digital radio promos and I just remember they were a cool bunch that put on a great, energetic live show. I enjoyed “Sleeping With A Friend” but THIS single takes me to an even more relatable place. At nearly 30 years old, I’ve met a ton of terrible guys that I associate certain songs with. Sadly. Unfortunately. Stupidly? And this track perfectly describes the dilemma I have every time I try to listen to said songs that bring forth some intense emotions.

Oh the perils of music-related memories.

Kodaline “Honest”

Yay! New music from Kodaline who, in my opinon, are way underrated. I have no idea why their songs aren’t playing everywhere in the US by now, but that’s OK. They are making beautiful music nonetheless, like “Honest”,and I’m enjoying every 3 &½-4 minutes of it.

This one definitely feels like a song that could bring them more mainstream love, if that’s what they’re going for. Some of the best stuff out there isn’t exactly common knowledge as every engaged music fan knows.

“Honest” has a Lifehouse-y hook with towering vocals & accessible lyrics. I’m really excited about this one!

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