new music recommendations // vol.13


ed sheeran // no.6 collaborations project

if england had a throne for music royalty, ed sheeran would obviously be sitting atop it. his newest musical anthology is song after song of hits. that said, the stand-outs to me include “beautiful people,” “south of the border,” “i don’t care,” and “nothing on you.” all hail the songwriting king!


new music recommendations // vol. 10.

Recent ear goodies.

Should’ve been HITS

Sometimes I hear songs and I just think to myself… why the hell is this song NOT playing EVERYWHERE right now? Don’t get me wrong, I hate overkill just as much as the next person, but when I hear the same, bland sounding songs from the same 5 artists on FM radio, I can’t help but wonder why certain songs crossover to the mainstream while others get lost at sea…

Having worked in the music industry for 8 LONG years I was never quite able to crack that code. Alas, it will remain a mystery. Here’s a list of songs whose underrated-ness continues to leave me baffled, and, frankly, a bit peeved!

And basically every song by Carly Rae Jepsen that’s not “Call Me Maybe” !!!!!!

Annie Murphy “A Little Bit Alexis” (from Schitt’s Creek)

“Hide your diamonds, hide your exes, I’m a little bit…. Alexis.”

This comedic gem of a pop song was released to the world during last night’s episode of Schitt’s Creek. As if I didn’t love the show enough (#obsessed), yesterday also happened to be my birthday. So, thank you for the birthday gift you wonderful Canadians!!!