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music monday

Faarow “Ready Or Not” (Refugees) Vs. “Chandelier” (Sia) Mashup 

Happy New Year all!

Here’s a musical mash-up that’s sure to turn up your Monday afternoon 🙂


Damien Rice “The Greatest Bastard”

This song.

Yes, you. You’re the greatest bastard.

(Not you Damien Rice!!) But him.  

Andreas Moe “Ocean”

This is something special. A different sound than what I normally hear coming out of Sweden. Plus a gorgeous visual accompaniment.

My Favorite Songs of 2013

It’s been a great year for music. Here’s a link to a playlist with my picks for best songs of 2013. That are on Spotify, that is.



Banks “Waiting Game”

Gorgeous. This lady is one to watch.

Afrojack “The Spark” f/ Spree Wilson

This song is going to be everywhere soon.

Iiris “Tigerhead”

This is quirky goodness.

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