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Faarow “Ready Or Not” (Refugees) Vs. “Chandelier” (Sia) Mashup 

Happy New Year all!

Here’s a musical mash-up that’s sure to turn up your Monday afternoon 🙂


Damien Rice “The Greatest Bastard”

This song.

Yes, you. You’re the greatest bastard.

(Not you Damien Rice!!) But him.  

Andreas Moe “Ocean”

This is something special. A different sound than what I normally hear coming out of Sweden. Plus a gorgeous visual accompaniment.

My Favorite Music Videos of 2013

As someone who watches music videos for a living, here are my picks for the best 2013 had to offer. Top honors would probably go to Bell X1 or Young Galaxy. Weirdly beautiful stuff. 

Young Galaxy “Pretty Boy”

Charli XCX “Superlove”

HAIM “The Wire”

Bell X1 “Careful What You Wish For”

Mumford & Sons “Hopeless Wanderer”

Kodaline “All I Want” (Part 2)

The 1975 “Girls”

Olafur Arnalds “Old Skin”

My Favorite Songs of 2013

It’s been a great year for music. Here’s a link to a playlist with my picks for best songs of 2013. That are on Spotify, that is.



Banks “Waiting Game”

Gorgeous. This lady is one to watch.

Afrojack “The Spark” f/ Spree Wilson

This song. Going to be everywhere soon. 

The 1975 “Girls”

Wow. Thought I posted this one already. Ya I’m obsessed with this song. This band. All of it.

Iiris “Tigerhead”

This is quirky goodness. 

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