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Since it’s June and we are 6 months into the year (already?!?) I thought I’d do what all the cool kids do and list some great albums I listened to in 2015 so far. The criteria for ending up in this list is simple – me liking the majority of the album. And not just the singles, but the deep cuts and the middle-men. If you’re looking for some new music, I’d suggest spending some time diving into these 3 artists + their recent albums:

Meghan Trainor’s Title

This album was a sweet surprise for me when I listened to it in its entirety one random day in the office. Her throwback, old-school vibes are evident, but what I enjoy even more than that are her brilliant, often witty lyrics. Upon hearing some of the verses, I can’t help but be reminded of the fabulous Pink – they have a similar no-time-for-bullshit, don’t-fuck-with-me-but-if-you-do-good-luck-with-that aura about them, which I personally find inspirational. The collection of songs that make up Title are fun to sing-a-long to, yes, but they are powerful statements about love and relationships and being a woman. And as a woman, I’m all about this album.

Standout Song: “Walkashame”

For those who like: Ponytails. The 50′s. Bass (well, obviously).

Tove Styrke’s Kiddo

I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, Sweden produces some kick-ass female pop stars. This album isn’t straight up pop though – it has a bit more spunk to it with reggae undertones (most prominently showcased in “Borderline”) and electro-pop beats (heard in ”Burn”, which is a spectacular song btw). I missed a chance to see Tove in NYC recently but I hope to not make that mistake again.

Standout Song: “Ego”

For those who like: Southeast Asian motif. Braids. Mai Tai’s.

Purity Ring’s another eternity

This album takes you to an otherworldly, celestial place. With bewitching vocals and dream-like beats, another eternity is purely magical. If there was ever a time when we could send bands to play in outer space, Purity Ring would get my vote hands down. If you want to escape reality for a bit, turn this record on.

Standout Song: “heartsigh”

For those who like: Aliens. Astronomy. Daydreaming.


MisterWives “Queens”


Saving the best for last on this album, huh MisterWives? 🙂

Lovely tune from this talented band.

Ashes Artists To Watch Out For in 2015

If I were a betting woman, I’d bet on these artists to kick some serious ass in the music arena next year. 


James Bay: The Folk-Pop Wonder

The gist: James Bay makes beautifully crafted folk songs with pop appeal. Throw in impressive vocals, a phenomenal fashion sense and a whole lotta soul, and you’ve got the ingredients for next year’s breakout star. 

Standout song: “Let It Go"

For those who like: Ed Sheeran. Soft, guitar strumming. A killer hat. 


Years & Years: The Electro-Pop Pulverizers 

The gist: This wise-beyond-their-years, London trio have already generated a number of dreamy, euphoric masterpieces. Their music is in a word, hypnotic – I dare you not to get pulled in!

Standout song: "Take Shelter"

For those who like: Jungles. Colorful smoke. Making out. 


Tove Lo: The Provocative Pop Queen  

The gist: Sweden powerhouse Tove Lo is in-it-to-freaking-win-it in the new year. With the debut of her raw, gritty & intoxicating album, Queen Of The Clouds, this future pop star is ready to reign. 

Standout song: "Moments"

For those who like: Kesha’s "Tik Tok” video. Clubs. A catchy tune. 


Misterwives: The Indie-Pop Annihilators 

The gist: The only contender I’ve seen live in concert, Misterwives are a group of crazy-talented, quirky singers and musicians. Their energy shimmers and shines through their songs. Hop on their whimsical bandwagon for a guaranteed good time. 

Standout song: “Reflections"

For those who like: High school. Dancing. Emoji’s. 


Kygo: The Take-Me-To-The-Tropics Producer

The gist: Norway’s Kygo is making moves fast over here in the states and around the globe. His sultry, summer-friendly sound is the epitome of originality. Check him out and stay extra warm this winter. 

Standout song: "Firestone” f/ Conrad

For those who like: Palm trees. Poolside cocktails. Sunlight. 


Jon Bellion: The Hip-Hop Troubadour 

The gist: It may sound cliche but I’ve honestly not heard anything like the gems created by Jon Bellion. His music is distinguished – towering high above what’s out there right now. Do yourself a favor and absorb your ears in his artistic awesomeness. 

Standout song: “Human"

For those who like: Originality. Abstract art. Swagger. 


Why My World Is Now Complete

I was at the MisterWives/Bleachers show last night in NYC (FYI It was fucking awesome!!!) As you may or may not know, the front man of Bleachers is Jack Antonoff of Fun. fame. Jack is dating Lena Dunham who happens to be my favorite person/celebrity. I have not met her personally but as an outsider, I adore her personality, opinions, writing and now I can add her dancing abilities to the list. Yes, I was standing across from Ms. Dunham at last nights show and got to see her dance it out to her boyfriends band. And that is why my world is now complete. 

Enjoy your weekends!

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