i do music things with my butterfly wings.



Miguel “face the sun” f/ Lenny Kravitz

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Miguel at the Clear Channel offices years ago when I used to work there. He was super sweet and nonchalantly had asked me and a coworker to attend his show that night….AND for the love of all that is holy I can’t begin to understand why we turned the invitation down. But we did.

Yep. Fuck me.


Miguel “Hollywood Dreams”

I’m loving this. No, not the cover art.

Miguel “Simple Things” 

I don’t smoke so you can’t smoke with me, but I like this song.

My Favorite Songs of 2013

It’s been a great year for music. Here’s a link to a playlist with my picks for best songs of 2013. That are on Spotify, that is.



Janelle Monae “Primetime” f/ Miguel

A perfect slow jam made extra ear-GASMIC with a little help from Miguel.

Miguel “Just Like A Pill” (Pink Cover)

Sensational. Miguel has one of the best voices out there. 

Big Sean “Ashley” f/ Miguel

I’ve been waiting for a good song titled Ashley and here’s a brand new one.

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