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Here’s some new tunes I came across this past week that I recommend checking out.

A very different sound from the lads of Kodaline. It’s more pop-leaning, instead of their usual rock sound. I’m partial to the rock, but I still like this.

Olly Alexander has one of the sexiest voices out there today.

Some Latin flair from the vocal genius.

I wish I was strong enough to say these words to a few people in my life.

Slowing things down a bit with this lovely, reflective track by England’s Lucy Rose.

A fun, upbeat, rock jam from the English singer-songwriter.




I haven’t posted in a bit because I haven’t heard anything worthwhile in about a week or two. So I decided to write this post instead…

I firmly believe that every one of us wants to hear something epic every now and then. A song that moves us to the point of stillness. A song that captures a moment in our lives so perfectly yet we’ve never even crossed paths with the artist singing the words. So, how would they know how we’re feeling?

Music, as said time and time again, is a universal language. And when you hear lyrics that resonate with you and melodies that travel deep down into your veins, it kind of makes you feel not so alone. That someone out there gets you and how you feel. And that’s powerful. That’s epic.

Below is a list of some of the epic songs in my life. What are yours?


The Ben Taylor Band “Surround Me” – A hug in the form of a song.

Cary Brothers “Honestly” – This song reminds me of the fall, my favorite season. When the leaves are their most colorful and there’s a slight crispness to everything. When there is so much beauty around you, yet you can still be sad.

Chantal Kreviazuk “Time” – An anthem I’ve been in love with for a long time.

Delta Rae “Dance In The Graveyards” – The embodiment of joy and happiness.

Ella Eyre “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” – Her voice. Those words. That passion. I’ve never met a cover song I’ve loved so dearly.

John Mayer “The Heart Of Life” – My favorite from my all-time favorite.

Kate Bush “This Woman’s Work” – A heartbreakingly beautiful song.

Kodaline “All I Want” – This one might be the most sonically epic on this list. And the video is one of my favorites.

Kwabs “Perfect Ruin” – Every time I hear this song I fall in love with it all over again. When it’s over, I get kind of upset until I realize, that’s what the back button is for. Repeat! And believe me, I do. Every time.

Lifehouse “Simon” – This song reminds me of a time when music was about the music itself. Some of my favorite live music experiences were watching this band live.

Mumford & Sons “After The Storm” – This one is epic in the most delicate form.

Sheryl Crow “I Shall Believe” – If you ever watched the episode of Roswell (RIP) where Liz dances with future Max to this stunner, and you were single at the time you watched it, and nearly twenty years have passed and you’re still single, then this one would get to you too.

Sia “Breathe Me” – Remember when Myspace had background music for your profile page? Remember Myspace? …Well, this was one of the first songs I chose for mine and I felt sooooo cool because it wasn’t a well-known song at the time. Plus the lyrics and piano beat were darker than anything on the 9 at 9 (Z100 reference). My profile page may be long gone but I still feel cool as shit when this songs lives on through my headphones.

Kodaline “Honest”

Yay! New music from Kodaline who, in my opinon, are way underrated. I have no idea why their songs aren’t playing everywhere in the US by now, but that’s OK. They are making beautiful music nonetheless, like “Honest”,and I’m enjoying every 3 &½-4 minutes of it.

This one definitely feels like a song that could bring them more mainstream love, if that’s what they’re going for. Some of the best stuff out there isn’t exactly common knowledge as every engaged music fan knows.

“Honest” has a Lifehouse-y hook with towering vocals & accessible lyrics. I’m really excited about this one!

Kodaline. Mercury Lounge. 1/31/13.

Last night, I saw my first live show of 2013 at Mercury Lounge in NYC. It was for Kodaline, a band from Ireland who I’ve been following for a while now ever since I first heard “All I Want”. I normally don’t like to travel to the Lower East Side and I don’t really like going to shows alone but I decided I hadn’t been to a show in some time and so I sucked it up and went. And holy shit am I glad I did.

When I got to the venue, a Michael Bernard Fitzgerald was on stage. I had never heard of him but I was quite impressed with his music. I would definitely recommend checking him out. The place started filling up quickly the closer it got to Kodaline’s set time. The crowd was clearly hyped, especially this large group of guys from Ireland who I overheard came to New York just to see the band. They were awesome. Finally, at 8:30 Kodaline graced the stage. And from the first song, I knew I was in for a special night.

Watching the band perform, I was reminded of how wonderful it is to see live music. Of how the music can take you away and make you forget about everything else. Of how even though you’re in a room full of strangers you are all connected through the songs. I was blown away by the instrumentation, and particularly the vocals. The lead singer might just have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. The way he softens his voice and goes into his falsetto. Wow. Just wow.

My particular favorite songs of the night were “Perfect World”, “High Hopes” and of course “All I Want”. AIW is EPIC. And the performance was breathtaking. I confess I got a bit choked up for that one. The audience went crazy for it. Every single person was singing along. I’m telling you Kodaline is going to be HUGE. I am thrilled I got to see them now before they become so big that it’s near impossible to get tickets to their shows.

If you are a live music fan, I would DEFINITELY make sure you see Kodaline live when they come to town. Do it!!!

Kodaline “All I Want”

Kodaline is an up and coming band from Dublin and what I’ve heard from them so far is quite good.

“All I Want” is totally that song that you’d hear during a pivotal scene in a romantic movie. It starts out super soft and intimate and then turns into this bigger-than-life rock ballad. The above video is a live version of the song performed in a room containing nothing but the band members and a dim, amber light. It’s really well done. You can watch the official music video here.

And if that video doesn’t make you an emotional wreck, then watch this one. Kodaline are beautiful storytellers who know how to tug at the heartstrings.

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