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JoJo is fire.


JoJo “How To Touch A Girl”

A solid #tbt from pop’s most underrated superstar. Love this lady and hope to hear more from her soon!

JoJo “Take Me Home” (Phil Collins Cover)

JoJo “Take Me Home” (Phil Collins Cover)

JoJo is perfection. The end.

JoJo “Billions”

JoJo – “Billions”

I’ve been a fan of JoJo’s since her “Leave (Get Out)” days. Always felt she was underrated. I mean, the girl can sing with the best of ‘em (hello every song on High Road). I’m definitely more a fan of her older pop stuff. There was always an underlying hip hop/r&b tone to her music which I enjoy but her new mixtape, Agape, is a bit too much of that for me. Not a bad thing, just harder for me to get into.That being said, ‘Billions’ from said mixtape is great. It’s raw and real.“I know there’s billions in the world but i’ll always come back to you.” I mean, c’mon who can’t relate to those lyrics?

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