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hip hop

Jez Dior “Cocaine”

Been a Jez fan for a while back from when I used to work in music, and I think this song could be the one that crosses him over into the public eye and ear. At least it definitely should.


Casey Veggies & Dej Loaf “Tied Up”

I can thank the most recent episode of Girls (HBO) for introducing me to this song. I’m not sure how the music selection process works on that particular show but I honestly think that Lena Dunham and I have similar taste in music. Well, a Buzzfeed quiz told me so anyways.

Jordan Bratton “Prisoner”

I highly recommend listening to his entire Youth EP.  Again and again. And again. Sooo good.

Nicki Minaj “The Night Is Still Young”


“The night is still young, and so are we.”

I much prefer her less explicit songs like this one.

Yelawolf “Till It’s Gone”

With impressive, western/cowboy-tinged, guitar chords, “Till It’s Gone” is the highlight for me from this 18-track album.

Usher “I Don’t Mind” f/ Juicy J

Usher’s music is timeless. I mean, 8701? That entire album can be played in clubs today and the kiddies would devour it.

And he has done it again with this one. In the words of the wise Trent (Vince Vaughn) in Swingers, it’s money baby!!!

Kweku Collins “Lonely Lullabies”

Pretty sure this song samples RY X’s “Berlin” throughout. As a fan of that song, it’s interesting to hear it laid over hip hop beats.

Jez Dior “Bleach”

I had the pleasure of meeting Jez a year or 2 ago at work. Really digging his vibe, EP and this song in particular.

Miguel “Simple Things” 

I don’t smoke so you can’t smoke with me, but I like this song.

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