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HAIM “If I Could Change Your Mind”

Yup. I officially wish I was in a band. Preferably this one. 


Haim “The Wire”

Brilliant video. The actors in this clip do a hilarious job of portraying three newly dumped, heart broken men. 

HAIM “Strong Enough” (Sheryl Crow Cover)

Back to back HAIM posts=this band rocks.

Here, the ladies totally kick-ass on my favorite Sheryl Crow song. 

Happy Friday!

HAIM “The Wire”

I’m 95% sure I heard this song performed live when I got the chance to check out these talented ladies a few months ago at a work event. It sounds super familiar. HAIM continues to make fun, rock music with pop sensibilities. Their songs remind me of being young, strong and not really giving a f**k about anyone that doesn’t add anything positive to my life. Love it. 

Haim. 2.12.13.

So I’ve been a fan of Haim since I heard their song “Better Off” on Soundcloud. And then I saw their super fun, youthful video for “Forever”. And after that I heard the awesome trumpets in “Send Me Down”, a personal favorite. Today, I was fortunate enough to see Haim perform 4 songs live. It was an office performance for my company. I was happy when I heard they were coming because I tried to get tix to their show with Ben Howard and Mumford & Sons tonight but yeah that failed. I’m sure that show will be the best show I’ve never been to. Ugh, still kind of sad about it. 

Anyways, the ladies of Haim totally impressed me. I knew they’d be great but they were better than that. Very personable, funny, and kick ass musicians. Excited about their debut album which I believe comes out around spring/summer. Yay for girl power!

Haim “Send Me Down”

Haim’s music exudes a sense of coolness. It’s very hip, fresh, youthful.

The all-female band are fairly new -I don’t think they have a full album out yet – but what I’ve heard so far is impressive. This particular song has a nice trombone/horn beat going on plus some fabulous “oh oh way oh”’s.

Also, “Forever” is a must-listen. Definitely excited to hear more from them!

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