i do music things with my butterfly wings.



Passenger “When We Were Young”

The poignancy of life in a song.


Mumford & Sons “The Wolf”

Their videos always make me smile.

Bonus points for the two second Ed Helms cameo!

Foy Vance “Be The Song”

Calming. Ethereal. Mesmerizing.

A pure and beautiful song.

Angus & Julia Stone “From The Stalls”

These two have an earthy, natural aesthetic that I find breath-taking.

Gorgeous video.

Hudson Taylor “World Without You”

A beautiful visual to a lovely, folk-tinged song from the Dublin duo.

Passenger “Setting Suns”

Sunsets are sad. Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful. But still, watching the sun fade into the night gives me the feels. It marks the end of the day and even though there’s hopefully a tomorrow, today is over and you can never get it back. Good or bad. I dunno, that’s depressing shit. Sorry.

Anyways, singer-songwriter Passenger does a stunning job of capturing this feeling in his picturesque video above. Also, his voice is powerfully soothing and can probably put rows of babies to sleep in an instant. Just sayin.

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