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Little Big Town “Better Man”

No comments necessary – just press play.


Chris Stapleton “Whiskey And You”

The quintessential end-of-the-year, sitting-at-home-on-a-snowy-winter-day, contemplating-life-kind-of-jam.

Lady Antebellum “Heart Break”

Lady A is one of my all-time favs on the country music scene.

This songs speaks to me; it’s as if I wrote it for this summer that’s right around the corner.

A powerful, fun anthem for us singles 🙂

Chris Carmack “Being Alone”

I thoroughly enjoyed this country-infused song from Chris Carmack. You probably recognize Chris from his current role on TV’s Nashville. And you definitely recognize him from his role on the long-lived, super popular CW series, The O.C., which in my opinion is one of the best soundtracked TV series to date. However, even if you don’t recognize him, this song is  fantastic.

Kacey Musgraves “Dime Store Cowgirl”

Love this lady. Pageant Material is another fantastic country album released recently. And “Dime Store Cowgirl” is one of my favorite songs off of it.

Awesome Album Alert – Kelsea Ballerini’s The First Time

I don’t often feel compelled enough by an artist’s album to write a review but I gotta hand it to Ms. Ballerini, she is in it to win it. Her stunning debut, The First Time, is crazy good. I was completely blown away. And the funny thing is that her lead single, “Love Me Like You Mean It”, is probably one of my least favorite songs on the album and it’s still fantastic.

Kelsea’s songs are refreshing, lyrically brilliant, relatable and just pure fun. A few standout songs to mention here would have to be “Xo” – a perfect lead song that paves the way and sets the tone for the rest of the strong, empowering album, “Peter Pan” – a witty take on the whimsical fantasy story of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up, “Square Pegs” – an uplifting, upbeat tune with a catchy-as-hell hook, and “Sirens” – a Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats”, in-your-face kinda jam.

This album comes highly recommended from one music lover to the next. Bow down because I firmly believe that Kelsea is on her way to becoming the next queen of country music.

Cam “Burning House”

A stunner of a country song.

Gloriana “Ain’t Runnin’ Outta Summer”

Gotta show some love to my favorite country trio aside from Lady Antebellum. And Rascal Flatts. And The Band Perry. Hmm. I see a pattern.

I had the pleasure of meeting these lovelies YEARS ago at the Clear Channel offices when I used to work directly with the record labels to bring in emerging talent for in-office performances. I think this was around when “Wild At Heart” was the single. And Cheyenne Kimball was still in the group.

Glad to see them still going strong!

Kacey Musgraves “Biscuits”

“Mind your own biscuits, and life will be gravy.”


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