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Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel

Charli is back and brilliant as always. Any one of the songs on this album has the potential to be a bonafide hit. My personal favorites: “Dreamer,” “3AM (Pull Up),” and “Blame It On You.”


Charli XCX “Vroom Vroom”

I love listening to what magical-ear-madness Charli is going to come up with next. In a world full of over-saturation when it comes to pop artists, it’s refreshing to hear a song like this.

Charli XCX “Gold Coins”

Charli XCX “Gold Coins”

I mean, the entire SUCKER album is phenomenal from beginning to end. This particular song was a standout for me. Charli is and has been my favorite female musician for a while now, hands down.

I’m totally about this life.

Charli XCX “Breaking Up”

Dear Charli XCX,

Please be my best friend.

I’m not obsessed, I just purely admire everything you do.

Oh, and I like bowling too.

Your future BFF,



Charli XCX “Break The Rules”

My girl back at it again!

Iggy Azalea “Fancy” f/ Charli XCX 

I have the biggest girl crush on Charli XCX. She turns everything to gold including this Clueless-inspired music video. 

Charli XCX “Superlove”

Charli XCX is my idol. #obsessed

Charli XCX “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys Cover)

This. Is. Fabulous. 

Charli XCX is a star. 

The end.

Charli XCX “Take My Hand”

Charli’s debut album, True Romance, is highly recommended by yours truly. There’s tons of goodies to listen to (including “Set Me Free-Feel My Pain”, “Nuclear Seasons”, “What I Like” etc.) but “Take My Hand” is the standout for me. It’s reminiscent of a late 80’s/early 90’s mega pop hit. Especially when the chorus kicks in. 

The entire album has a youthful yet mature, cohesive sound. It’s fun girls night out music thats still edgy and totally kick-ass. 

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