Adam Lambert “Feel Something”

A breathtakingly beautiful song from one of my all-time favorites. Always happy to hear new music from Adam 🙂


Farewell American Idol …For Now

American Idol sang it’s final tune last night. I was an avid viewer and fan of the first 8 seasons, half-watched 9, came back for 10 & 11, but kind of fell off the Idol wagon when Simon Cowell left the judges panel. I stuck around another year or so but was never as engaged after Season 11. Last night, after watching many past contestants perform on the Idol stage one last time, I thought I’d take a look back and re-watch all of my favorite performances throughout the series. Here they are!

Jason Castro “Hallelujah” – Looking back, the soft-spoken dread-locked singer-songwriter was my favorite Idol contestant of all time. His voice wasn’t spectacular by any means but if you watch his interview bit before this performance, that’s basically why he was my fave.

David Archuleta “Imagine” – This may be the single best solo performance on Idol in all its 15 years. Not only is Archie’s voice crystal clear but he sings with such natural conviction that a lot of contestants just don’t have.

Carrie Underwood “Alone” – I just always liked this song and her take on it. I forgot Simon predicted her to win & sell more records than any other previous Idol winner. And that she did.

Carrie Underwood & Rascal Flatts “Bless The Broken Road” – While this isn’t technically a performance that got “judged”, this is when I was first introduced to my future wedding song.

Alison Iraheta “Alone” – For me, no one has ever covered this song as well as Alison Iraheta (not even Carrie).

David Cook “Always Be My Baby” – Watching this again, I got chills. What David Cook did to this song is mesmerizing.

Hayley Reinhart “Bennie & The Jets” – She was probably my favorite female contestant throughout the course of the series. The girl’s got pipes.

Adam Lambert “Tracks Of My Tears” – Oh my Adam. This gentle take on the timeless Smokey Robinson song is breathtaking. That last note, are you kidding me? Praise.

Trent Harmon “Chandelier” – I admit, I didn’t watch many episodes of the last season of Idol. However, I did catch this particular performance and while re-watching it, I cried. A lot. Trent’s take on Sia’s pop hit is incredible. After crowning him the winner of Season 15, I think it’s safe to say that American Idol ended on a VERY high note.

Kelly Clarkson “Heartbeat Song”

Kelly Clarkson is still one of my favorite American Idol’s and female pop stars. I’ve never met her personally, but have seen in concert once or twice. She’s one of those artists that just seems super friendly and down-to-earth; someone you want to root and cheer for. Kudos on the new song!

Phillip Phillips “Unpack Your Heart”

First off, I could literally watch Phillip Phillips dance around in a purple suit, top hat and cane any day of the week. Just throwing that out there.

But seriously, I am in awe of Phillip’s ability to capture the beauty of life in song. A fabulous role model in today’s music industry, Phillip’s sound is both cheerful & hopeful. And in a world that often is neither of those things, it’s nice to know someone is looking out to get us back on track. 

Phillip Phillips “Raging Fire”

Phillip Phillips makes me happy. He started out on American Idol, kicked ass the entire competition and now is doing his own thing. I love it. He has a signature sound and it’s beautiful. This is probably my favorite song of his to date (believe I posted it briefly back in March). Glad I got to see him open up for John Mayer last summer. Phillips is a true artist. And this is a really cool video. 

Phillip Phillips “Gone Gone Gone”

Oh Phillip Phillips. I knew his album would be good, but was pleasantly surprised at how much so. This is my favorite of the bunch. “Gone, Gone, Gone” is a feel good song full of high energy and awesome instrumentals. Phillip’s voice is spectacular. I’d also recommend “Tell Me A Story”.

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