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Who is Austin Basham?

I listened to this EP on a random whim just now and holy shit this is the most breath-taking, mesmerizing collection of songs I’ve heard in the singer-songwriter genre (or in any genre) in a LONG time. I literally clapped after each song ended. Who is Austin Basham? Well, that’s something I intend to find out.


Aisha Badru “Waiting Around (Acoustic)”

WARNING: If you’re single (and, like me, are going to turn 32 in less than 2 weeks), and it’s Valentine’s Day and all that, then don’t listen to this song. Because while it’s absolutely gorgeous, it WILL make you cry.


Samm Henshaw “Only Wanna Be With You (Acoustic)”

I’m honestly having a hard time putting into words how magically raw and precious this song is. Just press play.

Calum Scott “Rhythm Inside” (Acoustic)

No words to describe this beauty. Just listen… Calum is one to continue watching for sure.

Also, I’d like to hear Adam Lambert cover this.

Ava Raine “A Thousand Years” (Acoustic)

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this on my blog yet. My goddaughter, Ava Raine, is a 10-year-old wunderkind. Besides being my favorite human on earth, my Ava was born with a gift. And that gift is her voice. She’s been singing since she was in diapers (I kid you not). This particular track (made popular by Christina Perri) was performed at my sister’s wedding this past July. My Uncle (her grandfather) is playing the guitar and my father recorded it. And I just sat there in awe of this brilliant little lady. It was a family effort. Look out for her music industry. Enjoy and don’t mind the rather large photo of me in the background….

Dave Barnes “Mississippi”

This acoustic, instrumental piece is breathtaking from beginning to end. It’s one of those songs that makes me visualize the simple beauties of life -nature, summer sun, fireflies, first kisses, holding hands, things like that. I really love this.

Throwback Thursday (Older song, new version)

Vanessa Carlton “A Thousand Miles”

I absolutely love this song. Always have. Pretty sure I always will. 

Jerzee “Alive” f/ Jesse Labelle

WOW. Super impressed with this song. I have yet to hear the official version (it’s available but i’m lazy) but the acoustic is crazy good. Jesse Labelle’s voice is incredible.

Sam Smith “Nirvana” (Acoustic)

Um. Yep. I’m officially obsessed.

The non-acoustic version is just as wonderful but there is just something so beautiful and mesmerizing about this performance.

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