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Bruno Mars “24K Magic”

Bruno Mars and his sexy ass can dance for me any time. This is currently my favorite song to jam out to in my car.


Pentatonix “No” (Meghan Trainor Cover)

What these 5 do with their voices is some serious Harry Potter-like magic.

Glee Cast “Time Warp”

Happy Halloween Witches!

I miss this show. This is one of their most underrated performances.

The Acoustic Current

Happy Friday!!!

I may have mentioned it somewhere on this blog before but I’ve always had a thing for musicians of the singer-songwriter variety and I’ve included a bunch of them on Ashesmusicnotes. That being said, I decided to create a separate, niche blog just for acoustic music titled, naturally, The Acoustic Current. So moving forward I’ll probably just feature the singer-songwriters on that platform unless there is a song so mind-blowing I feel the urge to post about it on both of my blogs. Just wanted that noted for future reference.


James Taylor & Jimmy Fallon “Two James Taylors On A Seesaw”

In honor of James’ new album, Before This World. Fallon is not only a comedic genius, but he also navigates between emerging and established musicians quite well.

This is a brilliant segment.

Shura – Three Years

THIS …is the best fucking thing ever. So I’m going against my 2 posts a day rule that I made up because it’s total shit when you come across something this musically thrilling.

Shura > everyone else for me right now.

Rebel Music – New Season Trailer

Hi all,

I don’t promote a ton of my work here but this is something I am incredibly proud of.

My amazing, talented team at MTV World has been working super hard (that’s an understatement) to create and bring to light this stunning yet raw and very real documentary series. The 6-part series is about the brave (another understatement) youth, who are risking their lives every day to create and express themselves through music, film, and various other artistic outlets. It’s a captivating, enlightening and important story.

The new season starts with the Turkey episode and will premiere on April 30th on MTV’s YouTube page.


500 posts!

Of Monsters and Men “Crystals”

THIS is the best lyric video I’ve ever seen. LOVE this guy. He makes me happy.

Also, lovely new song from the Icelandic band.

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