What We Do In the Shadows

I’m from Staten Island (hold your applause!) which is considered to be the lost borough of NYC. The only pop culture references attached to our home are the Wu Tang Clan, one of The Godfather movies, select Jersey Shore cast members and that freaking Purge series. In other words, not much. But now, with the provocative-yet-hilarious, and overall charmingly ridiculous What We Do in the Shadows, we finally have something truly entertaining!!!

The FX series, currently airing on Wednesday nights, is based off the original movie, What We Do In the Shadows (2014.) I saw it last summer and immediately knew that this was my kind of humor. While the story of the TV series remains mostly an exact replica of the movie – a reality camera crew filming the daily lives of 4 quirky vampires and their familiars – the TV show takes place on Staten Island, thus it’s even bigger appeal. Bonus points for the addition of Nadja, a female vampire played by Natasia Demetriou, who absolutely kills it.

What We Do in the Shadows (2019) is scene after scene of wonderfully written and acted mayhem…  and I’m obsessed! I’m also quite fond of the show’s theme song, “You’re Dead” by Norman Tanega. It fits the show like a damn glove.


Schitts Creek is “The Best” Show on TV

As someone who suffers from severe anxiety and has been struggling lately to find her place in this world, I’ve felt a little bit better lately since discovering the wonder that is Schitt’s Creek. When the real world around me (often) feels likes it’s crumbling to pieces, it’s nice to know I can turn on an episode and almost instantly feel a sense of comfort. That may sound stupid to some people, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I find more happiness in a fictional town than in my own city, that I find more humanity in fictional characters than in most people I’ve actually encountered. Schitt’s Creek is my happy place and if given a one-way-ticket to the rural landscape with it’s quirky-yet-heartfelt characters, I would gladly accept.

Obviously, David Rose is my favorite character on the show. I say obviously because if you’re an avid fan of the show like me, I 100% assume that he’s your (or one of your) favorite characters. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. So, besides the fact that I’m obsessed with literally every. damn. thing. that David says and does (“Have a blessed day!”), it’s the relationship between his character (played by the show’s BRILLIANT creator/writer Dan Levy) and Patrick (played by the charming Noah Reid) that really gets me. Watching them interact is the most heartwarming, beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed on TV. I’m in awe of how perfect the acting and writing is for those two characters and I applaud it, fondly.

In Season 4, currently airing on the POP channel on Wednesdays at 8pm, we soon learn the unofficial anthem of David and Patrick, which is Tina Turner’s “The Best”. While I’ve been indifferent to that song in the past – my TT song of choice was always “I Don’t Wanna Fight” – thanks to Schitt’s Creek, every time I hear it, I smile. After belting it out to the original version, I highly suggest taking things a bit slow with Noah Reid’s ridiculously gorgeous rendition (below) that his character Patrick sang to David on Episode 6: Mic Night. What I’d give to have someone masterfully cover an 80’s pop song for me!

The main point I’m trying to get across here is that if you haven’t seen Schitt’s Creek yet, I highly recommend you go do that now. Trust me, your mind and heart will thank you for it.

Stranger Things

I’ve been a Stranger Things fan since the first time I saw the trailer. Naturally, I started watching the series on Netflix the day it came out last summer and was instantly hooked. It’s hands down one of the most exciting, original shows I’ve ever seen. And if you haven’t already seen it, you should probably get on that.

I adore the obvious integration of classic 80’s movies such as The Goonies and ET, as well as the entire cast, in particular David Harbour as Sheriff Hopper and Millie Bobby Brown’s spectacular portrayal of Eleven. The otherworldly music, like the instrumental “Kids,” absolutely sealed the deal for me. Composed by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, this song is basically the theme played throughout various scenes in which the talented kid actors get their well deserved screen time.

ROADIES (TV Show Review)

As someone who has personally spent 8 years working in the music industry and countless days and nights putting on live events and productions, I can tell you that Cameron Crowe’s Roadies (airing Sundays at 10pm on Showtime) has hit the right note in capturing the chaotic essence of the live music business.

That being said, the main difference between this show and reality is that these characters (Reg, Kelly Anne, Bill, Wes) are MUCH more likable than most of the production people I’ve encountered in real life. Side note: Rafe Spall’s performance as Reg is inspiring and adorable; his greatest line so far in Episode 6 was when he told (that bitch) Janine that he doesn’t understand show people. So true. They are definitely a different breed.

Aside from the brilliant acting (Imogen Poots), I’ve been loving the music selections chosen for each episode and the fact that real musicians (keyword: MUSICIANS) who write and play their own music, make cameos. My favorite so far has been Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) – his acoustic rendition of “Bleed To Love Her” was breathtaking. I was also happy to hear some of my favorites like “Come On Get Higher” (Matt Nathanson) and “Everything’s Embarassing” (Sky Ferreira.) And enjoyed discovering some new tunes like “I Wish I Was Sober” (Frightened Rabbit) and “Longer Days” (John Mellencamp.)

If music is a part of your life in any capacity, I’d highly recommend checking out this show.

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