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Listen 6

A spattering of good music I’ve heard over the past few weeks.






A list of beautiful-yet-sad songs for those times when the music is the only proof that you’re not the only sucker in the world who loves someone who doesn’t love you back.

Getting Personal

My favorite thing about music is when you “meet” a song that just gets you – deep, down to the core of who you are and what you’ve experienced. It’s a real kind of magic; a type of audible medicine. The following songs speak to me on a personal level for various reasons during various times.




Hello Summer

Since we are celebrating the unofficial start of summer, here’s some tunes that remind me of sunshine, family bbq’s, pina colada’s, ocean waves, lounging on the beach and vacation. Enjoy!




In Honor Of *NSYNC

The boys of *NSYNC – JC, Justin, Joey, Chris and Lance – will always hold a special place in my 90’s teen-girl heart. I can’t believe they are only today just getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That being said, in honor of this fun and well-deserved occasion, here’s a list of some of my favorite *NSYNC songs.

“I Want You Back”: Of course I have to start this list off with the band’s debut single (circa 1998) that starts with young, blond, curly-haired JT’s sexy-ass voice. Oh what that voice (and hair) did to teenage girls across the world in the late ’90s…

“Tearin’ Up My Heart”: I always loved the lyrics and chorus to this pop banger from the quintet.

“Thinking Of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)”: I was OBSESSED with this music video of the boys going crazy in a mental hospital over some (lame) chicks. While ridiculous, it was a lot of fun to watch. And nothing beats JC Chasez belting “Crazy Crazy” while donning a straight jacket. Everything about this song was CRAZY GOOD.

“Bye Bye Bye”: This is the song that everyone knew the dance moves to. And to this day, I still perform (yes, perform) some of the hand motions when this song comes on in my car. It’s the best form of muscle memory.

“It’s Gonna Be Me”: Another fantastic gem of a pop song.

“This I Promise You”: My favorite *NSYNC ballad, but probably the worst music video of all time (sorry boys.)

“Pop”: The best “FUCK YOU” to the pop haters out there that I’ve ever heard. The boys didn’t get nearly enough credit as they should have for sticking it to their critics and coming out on top.

“The Two Of Us”: I was always partial to this song. It’s probably in my top 3.

“Are You Gonna Be There”: A lesser known song for sure, as it was never released on one of their albums (which always surprised me), but still a FANTASTIC song. I love when JC goes all high and falsetto and he does it beautifully here in the bridge.

“If I’m Not the One”: Another lesser known song that wasn’t on any of their albums. BUT one of my all-time favorites nonetheless.



Listen 3

Some JAMS to jam to on this rainy Friday in NYC.

Listen 2

Here’s some new tunes I came across this past week that I recommend checking out.

A very different sound from the lads of Kodaline. It’s more pop-leaning, instead of their usual rock sound. I’m partial to the rock, but I still like this.

Olly Alexander has one of the sexiest voices out there today.

Some Latin flair from the vocal genius.

I wish I was strong enough to say these words to a few people in my life.

Slowing things down a bit with this lovely, reflective track by England’s Lucy Rose.

A fun, upbeat, rock jam from the English singer-songwriter.



I heard a LOT of good music across multiple genres lately so figured I’d create this list instead of individual posts. Also, sometimes (often) it’s hard to come up with ways to describe music, and I’m kind of lazy right now. But most of the time, music doesn’t need any explanation – it just needs you to listen. And you should definitely listen to these songs.

Yay. I’m even older now!

Dear whoever ends up reading my blog,

Here’s some songs that always make me feel better. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

Love, the birthday girl

*NSYNC “Bye Bye Bye”: We gotta start things off right here… so this was the only choice, obviously.

Peter Hollens/Stuart Edge “Epic Goofy Medley”: And this was the OBVIOUS second choice…. I’m a Disney girl for sure. It always amazes me that everyone forgets how ridiculously good the music from A Goofy Movie was. Probably because there were no princesses involved. Anyways, the wonderful Peter Hollens thankfully decided to mash-up “Stand Out” and “I2I”. The result? Me singing in my car at the top of my lungs. Every. Single. Time.

Savage Garden “The Animal Song”: If you can’t picture yourself dancing and jumping in the rain to this song like no one’s watching then there’s something wrong with you!!!

SoulDecision “Faded”: The sexiest song of y2k if you ask me.

Tears For Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”: I heard this song for the first time years back while watching the glorious 80’s movie Real Genius starring Val Kilmer. I mean, whoever selected this song to soundtrack the scene of a mansion being overrun by popcorn THAT WAS POPPED BY A LASER BEAM is the actual real genius if I say so myself. On second thought, whoever wrote that scene is.

Ricky Martin “Shake Your Bon-Bon”: Is a comment even necessary here?

Toploader “Dancing in the Moonlight”: Oddly enough this song always makes me want to dance under the moonlight.

Harry Belafonte “Jump in the Line”: In the words of Lesley Gore,  it’s my party and I’ll… listen to this song on repeat if I want to 🙂

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