Yay. I’m even older now!

Dear whoever ends up reading my blog,

Here’s some songs that always make me feel better. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

Love, the birthday girl

*NSYNC “Bye Bye Bye”: We gotta start things off right here… so this was the only choice, obviously.

Peter Hollens/Stuart Edge “Epic Goofy Medley”: And this was the OBVIOUS second choice…. I’m a Disney girl for sure. It always amazes me that everyone forgets how ridiculously good the music from A Goofy Movie was. Probably because there were no princesses involved. Anyways, the wonderful Peter Hollens thankfully decided to mash-up “Stand Out” and “I2I”. The result? Me singing in my car at the top of my lungs. Every. Single. Time.

Savage Garden “The Animal Song”: If you can’t picture yourself dancing and jumping in the rain to this song like no one’s watching then there’s something wrong with you!!!

SoulDecision “Faded”: The sexiest song of y2k if you ask me.

Tears For Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”: I heard this song for the first time years back while watching the glorious 80’s movie Real Genius starring Val Kilmer. I mean, whoever selected this song to soundtrack the scene of a mansion being overrun by popcorn THAT WAS POPPED BY A LASER BEAM is the actual real genius if I say so myself. On second thought, whoever wrote that scene is.

Ricky Martin “Shake Your Bon-Bon”: Is a comment even necessary here?

Toploader “Dancing in the Moonlight”: Oddly enough this song always makes me want to dance under the moonlight.

Harry Belafonte “Jump in the Line”: In the words of Lesley Gore,  it’s my party and I’ll… listen to this song on repeat if I want to 🙂


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