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March 2017

Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel

Charli is back and brilliant as always. Any one of the songs on this album has the potential to be a bonafide hit. My personal favorites: “Dreamer,” “3AM (Pull Up),” and “Blame It On You.”


Stranger Things

I’ve been a Stranger Things fan since the first time I saw the trailer. Naturally, I started watching the series on Netflix the day it came out last summer and was instantly hooked. It’s hands down one of the most exciting, original shows I’ve ever seen. And if you haven’t already seen it, you should probably get on that.

I adore the obvious integration of classic 80’s movies such as The Goonies and ET, as well as the entire cast, in particular David Harbour as Sheriff Hopper and Millie Bobby Brown’s spectacular portrayal of Eleven. The otherworldly music, like the instrumental “Kids,” absolutely sealed the deal for me. Composed by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, this song is basically the theme played throughout various scenes in which the talented kid actors get their well deserved screen time.

Simon & Garfunkel “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy)”

A sweet, short little throwback of a song. Brilliant.


Lana Del Rey “Love”

I’ve always appreciated Lana Del Rey’s music but “Love” is a masterpiece that’s on a completely different level. This is one of my favorite songs at the moment.

Phantogram “Same Old Blues”



Phoebe Ryan “Dark Side”

DOPE song. Love Phoebe.


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