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April 2015

Japanese Wallpaper “Forces” f/ Airling

My favorite lyrics from this gem:

“You feel it in your bones
But you won’t act on it
There’s something in your heart
But you won’t talk, talk, talk about it”

“’Cause I’ve been thinking bout it
And I’ve been dreaming bout you
Won’t do a thing about this
‘Cause I don’t wanna ruin you”


Sofi de la Torre “What People Do”


I feel like big things are going to happen for Sofi. And if not, they should.

Carly Rae Jepsen “All That”

This has Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) written all over it. And that’s good. Because he co-wrote and produced it (along with Ariel Rechtshaid who I’m not as familiar with).

Phenomenal song.

Adam Lambert “Ghost Town”

YES!!! Adam is back and he just gets me. Because my heart is also a ghost town these days. Actually, pretty much all the days…

James Bay “Move Together” 

A lovely rainy-on-a-Sunday kind of song 🙂

Janelle Monae “Yoga” f/ Jidenna

And the best song of the year award goes to…..


Rebel Music – New Season Trailer

Hi all,

I don’t promote a ton of my work here but this is something I am incredibly proud of.

My amazing, talented team at MTV World has been working super hard (that’s an understatement) to create and bring to light this stunning yet raw and very real documentary series. The 6-part series is about the brave (another understatement) youth, who are risking their lives every day to create and express themselves through music, film, and various other artistic outlets. It’s a captivating, enlightening and important story.

The new season starts with the Turkey episode and will premiere on April 30th on MTV’s YouTube page.


500 posts!

Zella Day “Sacrifice”

I haven’t brought myself to see these Divergent movies because I want to read the books someday. But I have like 100+ books to read first so maybe I should just buck up and watch ‘em. Either way, this song is stellar.

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