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March 2015

Shura “2Shy”

Completely blown away by this song.


Ferras “Speak In Tongues”

Ferras is one of the most underrated artists out there. I’ve been a fan since his 2008 hit “Hollywood’s Not America” was played each time a contestant got voted off of American Idol. I would also highly recommend “Rush” and “Take My Lips” off his album, Aliens & Rainbows.

This is gorgeous, emotionally-driven pop music.

Years & Years “Worship”


This UK trio makes songs with swagger. Keep on strutting your amazing stuff, Y&Y!

Of Monsters and Men “Crystals”

THIS is the best lyric video I’ve ever seen. LOVE this guy. He makes me happy.

Also, lovely new song from the Icelandic band.

Orla Gartland “Modern World”

I feel like this could be my theme song.

Sawyer “Letting Go”

“There’s a light at the end of letting go.”

Beautiful words to a beautiful song.

Thanks to singer-songwriter, Jon McLaughlin, for bringing this song to my attention via Facebook.

machineheart “circles”

I’d watch out for this band – their songs are super catchy. You’ll be hooked for sure!

SAFIA “You Are The One”

Wonderfully apocalyptic.

Young Wonder “Enchanted”

I definitely get a rose-petals-falling-from-the-sky, running-with-unicorns vibe from this song. Pretty.

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