Texas “Start A Family”

I honestly know nothing about this artist but hello Alan Rickman. It’s a great song but his spoken verse is everything.


Mt. Wolf “Red”

I believe this spectacular group went on a hiatus or broke up for a while or something. Either way, I’m glad they are back making breath-taking tunes like “Red”.

Bear’s Den “Think Of England”

Happy snow day New York. My recommendation to keep yourself warm and engaged today is to sit back with a pair of headphones, a cup of something hot, and discover some new music.

For today, I’d like to prescribe a dose of Bear’s Den’s folk-induced music to open up all your senses. This particular song is a sweeping tune that will wrap you up like your favorite blanket.

Stay warm!

Joshua Radin “Angels”

I had the pleasure of seeing Joshua Radin perform this song live last night in NYC. I’ve been a fan for years now, and it was surreal to see him in such an intimate venue. Definitely a spectacular way to kick off my year in music!

Thyra “Dancing On My Own” (Robyn Cover)

In honor of the 4th Season of Girls starting on Sunday…. this version should definitely be used on the show. In some like critical-full-circle-type of scene. Just sayin. Also, I would like to be friends with everyone on that show. Because I am #obsessed.

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