Kiesza “What Is Love” (Haddaway Cover)

OMG yes!!!!


Adriiana “We Are Young”

This song is apparently from 2012 re: Spotify which shocks me b/c it’s quite good and I would think it would’ve been played all over the radio. Eh, radio doesn’t know what’s good anymore (sorry). But either way, this is a fun song (with the chorus obviously taken from Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield”).

Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Shine” (Kygo Remix)

“It makes me want to go frolic in a forest.” = Best. Comment. Ever.

Ben is a singer-songwriter I’ve been following for a while and Kygo is an up and coming producer who’s been creating some music magic. That’s a winning combination if you ask me 🙂

Ben Khan “1992 EP”

This is a brilliant EP. I posted about Ben’s song “Youth” a little while ago and it’s definitely my favorite of the grouping but every single song is worth checking out – do it!