Haim “The Wire”

I’m 95% sure I heard this song performed live when I got the chance to check out these talented ladies a few months ago at a work event. It sounds super familiar. HAIM continues to make fun, rock music with pop sensibilities. Their songs remind me of being young, strong and not really giving a f**k about anyone that doesn’t add anything positive to my life. Love it.


Friends “The Way”

WOW. Those vocals. That guitar.

Totally #obsessed.

Gavin DeGraw “Best I Ever Had”

I’m a little late to the game on this one. Gavin is in my core group of favorite artists that I listen to. I’ve seen him perform live numerous times and he is just so personable and talented. I heard his new single casually a few weeks ago but didn’t really give it a chance. Then I heard it on the radio the other night and I realized, I loved it! It reminds me slightly of Mumford & Sons but a more pop friendly version.

Phantom “Kisses”

I’d disregard the video and just listen to the song. It’s super different but in a good way. The singer has beautiful vocals which shine around the 3:54 mark till the end of the song. I enjoy how unique this is.

Sparkle “Bestrack”

An instrumental goody I found on Soundcloud the other day after listening to a DJ Topsider mashup of this song with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. As one of the comments reads, it would be cool to hear vocals on this track, but it’s still pretty awesome. Slightly reminds me of the 90210 theme song, which I love.

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