Foxes “In Her Arms”

Foxes has been on my radar for quite some time now. I’ve posted about her briefly in connection with her feature on Zedd’s “Clarity”. Well… this lady has her own set of awesome tunes including “In Her Arms”. Hopefully she’ll put out an album soon.


Bastille “Oblivion”

Bastille is my favorite band out of London at the moment and for some time now. Their album Bad Blood recently came out in the UK and aside from the brilliant “Flaws”, “Oblivion” is my favorite track. It’s a gorgeous ballad that showcases singer and frontman Dan Smith’s beautiful falsetto and piano playing abilities. This song is full of emotion and heart and I simply can’t wait to see Bastille live when they tour the US this fall.

Yadi “Unbreakable” f/ Baaba Maal and The Very Best

So yea I think it’s safe to say I desperately need to move to London for a year and go to a bunch of live shows b/c DAMN that city has some of the BEST new music going. Yadi is one to keep your ears on.

“Unbreakable” is a fiercely stunning song. I could do without the full 2 minute intro and start the song at 1:47 but it’s still great. I’d also highly recommend The Blow”.

John Mayer “Paper Doll”

It’s always a good day when JM releases new music. And “Paper Doll” doesn’t disappoint. It’s such a nice, calming song, and this lyric video is pretty hilarious. But I have a feeling that I will literally never be able to get the image of this woman “romancersizing” out of my head when I hear it. Seriously. I will always be thinking of her prancing around town. Oh John. Can’t wait for the tour!!!

The 1975 “Woman”


The visual for this breathtaking song is simplicity at its most powerful. There’s a sense of quietness brought on by the empty room in which singer Matty Healy plays yet his stunning voice fills it up amisdt pockets of sunlight and shadows. This is art.

Lovelife “Your New Beloved”

Just got wind of this band today. They’re from London/NYC. And they play synth-pop which works for me because I’ve definitely jumped on the synth-pop bandwagon as of the past year.

“Your New Beloved” is one of those songs that would heat up a trendy lounge or rooftop party after hours and get everyone swaying along. Super hot track!

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