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April 2013

Marc Scibilia “Something Good In This World” 

Here’s a song that’s full of quiet epic-ness.

I first heard this song on an episode of Bones last week. A typical Bones episode usually features a stand-out tune in its final minutes. In “Something Good In This World” Marc Scibilia sings a refrain that is quite remarkable and relatable, especially in the wake of such tragic events as the Boston bombings. He sings:

“And life will try to take your inner sense and grace. But no matter what comes to your door, you’ve got to keep looking for something good in this world.“

These are the perfect words to sing to yourself when you are feeling lost, frustrated, overcome with sadness or lacking hope. The world is full of evil but it’s the good that keeps it turning. Look to the things that keep you happy and sane and try to find comfort in them on your dark days.

I personally need to do a better job of this and listening to this song helps.


The 1975 “Me”

This emerging UK band has a super cool sound. “Me” is the standout for me from their Music For Cars EP.

That being said, I’m not crazy about their lyrics. But the sound is so good I sort of don’t even mind.

Selena Gomez “Come and Get It”

When I first heard the first 10 seconds or so of this new one by Selena Gomez I thought I was somehow listening to the wrong song. This is a waaay different sound for her. It’s very world-ly and I totally dig it.  Reminds me of an Elliphant song. Will definitely be blasting this one in my car all summer long once it’s available to download. Go Selena!

Penn Badgley as Jeff Buckley “Once I Was”

I haven’t shared any music in a while. Mainly because I haven’t heard anything that has compelled me to write about it.

However, I came across this beautiful version of Tim Buckley’s “Once I Was” sung by actor Penn Badgley from the upcoming film Greetings From Tim Buckley. In the movie, Penn portrays Jeff Buckley.

I was beyond impressed with Penn’s voice to the point where I HAVE to download this as soon as it’s available. His high notes are insanely gorgeous. Everything about this is delicate and peaceful. Definitely need to catch this movie when it’s in theaters! And yay William Sadler is in it. Oh Roswell 🙂

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