Finally. It’s Spring and #MAYERISBACK!

In a few hours, JM will be (hopefully) announcing his 2013 tour date stops. Fingers crossed he comes to the tristate area. I mean he has to, right?  It’s been 3 years since I’ve since him in concert. It’s time.

That being said, here’s my favorite JM song off his 2006 masterpiece, Continuum. “The Heart Of Life” is part of my core group of favorite songs. It’s my happy song, my theme song. Wherever I am, or however I am, when I hear the first few chords of this song, I smile. And I know everything is going to be ok. It’s the simple joys like this that we need to wrap ourselves in and hold on to.


Olafur Arnalds – “Old Skin” f/ Arnor Dan

Olafur Arnalds is not someone I was familiar with prior to watching this video, but I’m glad I was able to learn about his music. Most of what I’ve heard of his is instrumental, a genre I’d like to explore more. “Old Skin” has vocals and is a great song, but an even better visual. The video is, artistically, a genius concept. What I take from it is that this old man is going about his last days/months/years alone in the world looking to experience a last bit of youth. He finds it underneath the bubbles/sea foam. But once he’s back in the company of youth, he can no longer handle it. And so he swims to the surface, to his quiet routine. Where, as someone who got emotionally invested in this video, I hope he finds peace.

Gloriana “Turn My World Around”

Here’s another GREAT new country tune!

I had the pleasure of meeting Gloriana a few years ago at my first job. I brought them into the office to perform and they were incredibly friendly and super talented. It’s nice to see them still doing well. If you get a chance, check out their new album A Thousand Miles Left Behind. “Turn My World Around” was the standout for me. The guitar plucking is perfect and the tune and harmonies are sweet. I’d also suggest “Sunset Lovin” and “Where My Heart Belongs”.

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