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February 2013

Cat Stevens “Don’t Be Shy”

About a month or so ago I saw the movie We Bought A Zoo starring Matt Damon. It’s since become one of my favorites.

Now, I’m a sucker for good music in a movie, hence my interest with music supervision. And We Bought A Zoo was definitely an ear pleaser. The original score by Jonsi is brilliantly interspersed with gems like Bon Iver’s “Holocene” and this one by Cat Stevens. “Don’t Be Shy” was featured on the day Benjamin Mee (played by Matt Damon) and his two children move into their new home aka their new zoo. The song was perfect in the scene and I instantly became a fan of the track. It’s got that music-my-parents-like thing going on and I love every minute of it.

Funny thing is, I’m totally shy. It’s like Cat’s singing to me. Ha!


Hunter Hayes “Wanted”

I love me some good country music.

That being said, the country songs I tend to gravitate towards are pop friendly. They are usually upbeat and remind me of sunny days, blue skies, and rolled down windows (although I’m also a fan of insanely gorgeous ballads ala “Over You” by Miranda Lambert, “Cold As Stone” by Lady Antebellum and “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts). They usually have incredible lyrics and tell beautiful stories. This particular song by Hunter Hayes is the story of a man who loves a woman and wants her to feel wanted. The message is simple yet the delivery is effective.

This is youthful country music at its finest.

alt-J “Dissolve Me”


I was listening to a playlist on Spotify of songs from the HBO hit series, Girls, a show I’ve been meaning to check out. This was one of the standouts. I’ve heard some of alt-J’s other stuff, and while their music has a cool vibe, this was the only track I could really get into. I love the instrumentals. A totally different in-a-good-way sound.

The Ben Taylor Band “Surround Me”

If I had to pick a top 10 or even top 5 list of my all-time favorite songs, “Surround Me” would 99% make the cut. What I love about the song is its simplistic beauty. “Surround Me” is a winning combination made up of the sound of the acoustic guitar and the softness of Ben Taylor’s voice. I was lucky enough to see Ben perform this song live one night a few years ago (2007 I think) at Joe’s Pub in NYC. He performed a lot of his songs acoustically that night, which I was super happy about. For “Surround Me” in particular, it was just Ben, his guitar, and a spotlight. Watching the song come to life right in front of me was like an out-of-body experience. I tend to feel that way every time I see one of my favorite songs performed live. I’m taken away to this other place entirely. I wish I could go there more often.

Anyways, since it also happens to be Valentine’s Day, I felt this song perfectly describes my current love life or lack thereof (“Now in the heat of this dreadful dry, I’m needing you….”) Oh love.

Bon Iver “Beth/Rest”

There is something so peaceful about Bon Iver’s music. I have a few of his songs on my ipod like “Holocene”, “Towers” and his incredible cover of  “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. I came across the beautifully tranquil “Beth/Rest” more recently. What gets me most is the sound of the sax in the song. It’s very subtle and placed delicately within the confines of the 5 minute + track. I’m a huge fan of the instrument and think it always adds something special to songs. This is spectacular.

Haim. 2.12.13.

So I’ve been a fan of Haim since I heard their song “Better Off” on Soundcloud. And then I saw their super fun, youthful video for “Forever”. And after that I heard the awesome trumpets in “Send Me Down”, a personal favorite. Today, I was fortunate enough to see Haim perform 4 songs live. It was an office performance for my company. I was happy when I heard they were coming because I tried to get tix to their show with Ben Howard and Mumford & Sons tonight but yeah that failed. I’m sure that show will be the best show I’ve never been to. Ugh, still kind of sad about it.

Anyways, the ladies of Haim totally impressed me. I knew they’d be great but they were better than that. Very personable, funny, and kick ass musicians. Excited about their debut album which I believe comes out around spring/summer. Yay for girl power!

The Feeling “Never Be Lonely”

This is a fun one, if you don’t take the lyrics too seriously. Especially if you’re single (like me). But I honestly think the overall message is just to surround yourself around people you love and who love you. And then, you’ll never be lonely.

Jez Dior “Love Me To Death”

Jez Dior “Love Me To Death”

This is promising. Reminds me of Drake.

Kodaline. Mercury Lounge. 1/31/13.

Last night, I saw my first live show of 2013 at Mercury Lounge in NYC. It was for Kodaline, a band from Ireland who I’ve been following for a while now ever since I first heard “All I Want”. I normally don’t like to travel to the Lower East Side and I don’t really like going to shows alone but I decided I hadn’t been to a show in some time and so I sucked it up and went. And holy shit am I glad I did.

When I got to the venue, a Michael Bernard Fitzgerald was on stage. I had never heard of him but I was quite impressed with his music. I would definitely recommend checking him out. The place started filling up quickly the closer it got to Kodaline’s set time. The crowd was clearly hyped, especially this large group of guys from Ireland who I overheard came to New York just to see the band. They were awesome. Finally, at 8:30 Kodaline graced the stage. And from the first song, I knew I was in for a special night.

Watching the band perform, I was reminded of how wonderful it is to see live music. Of how the music can take you away and make you forget about everything else. Of how even though you’re in a room full of strangers you are all connected through the songs. I was blown away by the instrumentation, and particularly the vocals. The lead singer might just have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. The way he softens his voice and goes into his falsetto. Wow. Just wow.

My particular favorite songs of the night were “Perfect World”, “High Hopes” and of course “All I Want”. AIW is EPIC. And the performance was breathtaking. I confess I got a bit choked up for that one. The audience went crazy for it. Every single person was singing along. I’m telling you Kodaline is going to be HUGE. I am thrilled I got to see them now before they become so big that it’s near impossible to get tickets to their shows.

If you are a live music fan, I would DEFINITELY make sure you see Kodaline live when they come to town. Do it!!!

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