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January 2013

John Mayer “St. Patrick’s Day”

I have a history with John Mayer. He was one of the first musicians I followed after my boy band, 90’s pop days. I could listen to him play the guitar for hours. I own every one of his albums and have seen him in concert more times than any other artist. I’m still a fan but I don’t follow him as much as I used to. That being said, his music will always be like home to me. I listen to his songs when I need to feel something familiar and comfortable. When I’m stressed, his voice calms me down. I always wished I could meet him, have a conversation with him and tell him that. But I’m not as obsessed with that happening anymore. It is what it is.

Room For Squares might be my favorite album by JM. It’s sort of in a three-way tie with Continuum and Where The Light Is. I enjoy the electric guitar as much as the next person and John can play the shit out of it but there’s just something about his acoustic songs that I love. From the first few chords on “No Such Thing”, RFS is one of those rare albums that I can listen to from beginning to end. It reminds me of younger days when I was still in college and first realized that I had a special connection with music. It reminds me of buying my first pair of JM tix (Holmdel, NJ 2006). My dad came with me. We had great seats. John played an amazing live version of “Neon” and the rest is history.

“St. Patrick’s Day” was never initially a favorite of mine. I was more the ‘Why Georgia’, ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ girl. But one day I listened to the album and realized how much I liked the song John decided to end it with. The song has this dreamy, white wintery sound to it. Big jackets. Hats. Scarves. Hot chocolate. Non-annoying snow. You kind of get lost in all the visuals you can create from listening to the song.

Here’s hoping John goes on tour again soon!


Ben Howard “Keep Your Head Up”

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Howard’s since I first heard his fabulous song “London” a couple of years back. His music reminds me of the outdoors, sunsets and freedom. “Keep Your Head Up” is from 2011 and is yet another beautifully crafted song with a picture perfect summer day video to go along with it. Also, I want him to make me a bubble slide.

Bastille “Flaws”


I love everything about this. That’s all there is to it.

Clubfeet “Everything You Wanted”

GREAT song. I’m really becoming a fan of synth. And synth + an 80’s sounding hook? I’m sold! This will be on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Heathers “Forget Me Knots”

“It’s alright not to feel ok.” Those six words are sung repeatedly in this upbeat song by Irish duo Heathers. I like the message. It’s simple yet powerful – You’re allowed to feel like shit sometimes. The end.

Just Off Turner “How Much It Hurts”

I discovered this song through John Mayer a while back. He wrote about it on his website. I followed everything JM did back then so naturally I’d be inclined to listen to any artist he suggested I listen to. He definitely had some good picks!

“How Much It Hurts” is all about pretending you’re fine on the outside while hurting on the inside. Sometimes it’s healthy to just get the words off your chest and say them out loud whether or not anyone is listening. Sometimes music is the only way to communicate. I’m sure the message in this song was well received.

JoJo “Billions”

I’ve been a fan of JoJo’s since her “Leave (Get Out)” days. Always felt she was underrated. I mean, the girl can sing with the best of ‘em (hello every song on High Road). I’m definitely more a fan of her older pop stuff. There was always an underlying hip hop/r&b tone to her music which I enjoy but her new mixtape, Agape, is a bit too much of that for me. Not a bad thing, just harder for me to get into.That being said, ‘Billions’ from said mixtape is great. It’s raw and real.“I know there’s billions in the world but i’ll always come back to you.” I mean, c’mon who can’t relate to those lyrics?

Mike Posner “Ho Hey Remix” (The Lumineers Cover)

The original “Ho Hey” is a massive, massive hit right now. And rightly so. It’s tons of folk rock fun (see the music video). And I like me a good folk rock song (Mumford!!).

When I spotted a Mike Posner remix of the song earlier today, I was curious what his take on it would be. And I gotta say, I enjoyed it. It’s short yet super sweet. Bonus points for making the track available for download via Soundcloud.

Happy Friday!

The Jezabels “City Girl”

This song from down under is top notch. Australian indie rock band, The Jezabels, released their album Prisoner in 2011 and ‘City Girl’ is the standout for me. A pretty epic rock track with powerhouse vocals and a sweeping chorus. ‘Nuff said.

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