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December 2012

The Sound Of Arrows “Wonders”

If magic had a sound, this is what it would sound like.

“Wonders” has been around for well over a year now but I came across the video again today and felt like writing about it. Many of the songs off this Swedish duo’s 2011 album Voyage have this surreal-like, dreamy feel to them. Seriously. When I listen to their songs it’s like I’m transported to another world somewhere up-in-the-clouds. Sometimes it’s nice when music can take you there.


Zedd ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Acoustic version)

What do you get when you combine one of the hottest EDM acts right now, an exceptional pop artist from the UK and a piano? Perfection.

I’ve been a fan of Foxes for a while now since discovering her fabulously flawless anthem “Youth”, so I was eager to check out this collaboration. You can listen to the original track here. It’s totally brilliant but I’m a sucker for acoustic piano songs. Someone please tell me where I can download this immediately!

Low Roar “Just A Habit”

I first heard “Just A Habit” a year or so ago. It’s a quiet song, almost fragile-like. Every time I listen to it, a sense of calmness surrounds me. And I appreciate any song that makes me feel that way.

If you like, I’d suggest watching this.

Phillip Phillips “Gone Gone Gone”

Oh Phillip Phillips. I knew his album would be good, but was pleasantly surprised at how much so. This is my favorite of the bunch. “Gone, Gone, Gone” is a feel good song full of high energy and awesome instrumentals. Phillip’s voice is spectacular. I’d also recommend “Tell Me A Story”.

Elliphant “Down On Life”

Ok so here’s my pick for song of the summer 2013. “Down On Life” is a gem infused with reggae beats, cool vocals and killer opening lyrics (“We are waking up in a pile of shit, the whole world is full of it..”). Can’t wait to blast this one with the windows rolled down. So good.

Autre Ne Veut “Counting”

Holy falsetto.

“Counting” is a mix of eerie electro noises with super smooth r&b vocals. You can almost feel what he’s feeling as he sings. The song is one of a kind – I haven’t heard anything like it. This is me impressed.

Rita Ora “Radioactive”

Happy Friday! I just heard this song for the first time 5 minutes go, and I’m absolutely obsessed. Definitely the best track I’ve heard from the burgeoning pop star. Probably one of the best tracks I’ve heard in general all year. I don’t know what else to say other than this song is destined to be a bonafide hit. Oh, and it’s sort of reminiscent of a 90’s throwback dance song ala La Bouche or Real McCoy. At least to me.

Kesha “Last Goodbye”

I like to dance. Preferably after throwing back a drink or two. And this album is full of songs you’ll be begging the DJ to play. For standout track, it’s a toss up between the slightly slower-paced “Last Goodbye” and “Crazy Kids”, which is probably going to be Kesha’s next monstrous party anthem. I gotta say, this album definitely surprised me in a good way. I’ll definitely be adding it to my Christmas wish list this year.

Haim “Send Me Down”

Haim’s music exudes a sense of coolness. It’s very hip, fresh, youthful.

The all-female band are fairly new -I don’t think they have a full album out yet – but what I’ve heard so far is impressive. This particular song has a nice trombone/horn beat going on plus some fabulous “oh oh way oh”’s.

Also, “Forever” is a must-listen. Definitely excited to hear more from them!

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