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November 2012

Lilla Sallskapet “Om Vingarna Bar”

You gotta love what’s coming out of Sweden these days. I mean this is the country that introduced Robyn to the world after all. Also Avicii. Icona Pop. Sound Of Arrows. And this dude.

I came across Lilla Sallskapet’s “Om Vingarna Bar” earlier in the year while doing some research for work. It’s proof to me that you can enjoy a song without understanding a word of it. I literally have no clue what is being said here, but I dig it.


Tanlines “Real Life”

This one makes me want to dance. But not in a club or bar. Rather, at a luau on some tropical island. Leis. Sandals. Pina Coladas. Tiki torches. Again, I’m doing the song visualization thing.

Tanlines have some other gems too like ‘Brothers’ and ‘All Of Me’ which I highly recommend giving a listen to.

Bastille “Durban Skies”

I’ve always had a thing for London without ever having visited the city. The accents. The rain. The pubs. The literature. The music. Seriously, someone’s gotta take me.

Anyways, the music coming out of London is top notch. And Bastille is up there with the best of them. “Durban Skies” is my favorite track of their’s so far from what I’ve heard. It’s a peaceful song that brings to mind wispy clouds moving slowly across a pink London sky. What can I say? I’m a real visualizer when it comes to music.

The Boom Circuits “Everything And Nothing”

This was the standout track for me from the Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 soundtrack. Alexandra Patsavas (whose career footsteps I would like to follow) was the music supervisor for the film (and all the Twilight films) and I half went to the movie for the music. Side note: If Alexandra Patsavas ever reads this blog, please hire me.

That being said, I was kind of disappointed about where they placed “Everything And Nothing” in the movie. It was used as background music in a scene, not prominent enough in my opinion. But definitely prominent on the soundtrack.

Ed Sheeran “Give Me Love”

Ed Sheeran is known widely for  “The A Team”, which is perfect in all it’s acoustic, guitar-laden glory. But this. This is on another level entirely. “Give Me Love” is a masterpiece. I’m particularly in love with the intense build-up during the ‘oh my my give me love’ refrain towards the end of the song.

If this is any indication of what’s to come from Ed Sheeran, I’d say his future is as bright as his hair 🙂

This. Is. Also. Amazing.

Kodaline “All I Want”

Kodaline is an up and coming band from Dublin and what I’ve heard from them so far is quite good.

“All I Want” is totally that song that you’d hear during a pivotal scene in a romantic movie. It starts out super soft and intimate and then turns into this bigger-than-life rock ballad. The above video is a live version of the song performed in a room containing nothing but the band members and a dim, amber light. It’s really well done. You can watch the official music video here.

And if that video doesn’t make you an emotional wreck, then watch this one. Kodaline are beautiful storytellers who know how to tug at the heartstrings.

Highwater Rising “Life In Three Parts”

I’ve had a ton of favorites songs throughout my life so far. I figured I’d kick off my blog with my current favorite. I first noticed “Life In Three Parts” when I was stuck in my house during Hurricane Sandy. My family was lucky enough to have power for most of the storm and the days that followed, so I decided to re-watch season 1 of my all time favorite TV show, the 1999-2002 series Roswell. I’m a borderline obsessed fan of the alien-human love story.

I was just 13 when Roswell first aired on the WB, so at that time I was more interested in the relationship story lines than the music. However, I’ve since re-watched the show countless times on DVD and each time I watch it I notice a new song that I have to add to my personal collection: there’s the hauntingly ethereal “Fear” by Sarah McLachlan, the gorgeous lullaby “I Shall Believe” by Sheryl Crow, and the romantically epic “Here With Me” by Dido (aka Roswell’s theme song.) The original score, which I can’t seem to purchase anywhere, is also phenomenal.

“Life in Three Parts”’ is a softer rock song with a pretty hook. It’s played in the DVD version of the episode titled Independence Day. (In the original aired version, the song playing was Collective Soul’s “Run.” While I love me some Collective Soul, I think the song by Highwater Rising is an excellent alternative and works nicely in the scene between the alien Michael and human Maria. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good music in good scenes. And Roswell has a lot of that going on 🙂

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