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What We Do In the Shadows

I’m from Staten Island (hold your applause!) which is considered to be the lost borough of NYC. The only pop culture references attached to our home are the Wu Tang Clan, one of The Godfather movies, select Jersey Shore cast members and that freaking Purge series. In other words, not much. But now, with the provocative-yet-hilarious, and overall charmingly ridiculous What We Do in the Shadows, we finally have something truly entertaining!!!

The FX series, currently airing on Wednesday nights, is based off the original movie, What We Do In the Shadows (2014.) I saw it last summer and immediately knew that this was my kind of humor. While the story of the TV series remains mostly an exact replica of the movie – a reality camera crew filming the daily lives of 4 quirky vampires and their familiars – the TV show takes place on Staten Island, thus it’s even bigger appeal. Bonus points for the addition of Nadja, a female vampire played by Natasia Demetriou, who absolutely kills it.

What We Do in the Shadows (2019) is scene after scene of wonderfully written and acted mayhem…  and I’m obsessed! I’m also quite fond of the show’s theme song, “You’re Dead” by Norman Tanega. It fits the show like a damn glove.

Lifehouse “Flight”

Got chills from this one… I miss being younger, going to shows, actually looking underage but being old enough to drink, singing along to my favorite songs. This one took me back there for a second.

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